Sharing the excitement

So, the etmooc.org introduction  session last night was quite fun. I always enjoyed backchannel chatting heading, having access to use the online whiteboard well also being exposed to new ideas.

The side cow project, well multimedia Collective design pages were fun too!

I decided to share with my colleagues the benefits and future fun learning that could happen add more and more of us join in on this massive open online course learning opportunity. I think a few them will be registering soon.

The nice thing about all of the interaction going on online is that although some  don't have time to interact in real time, it can all be located and found when you have a spare moment. Individealized and self directed learning! :) Just head to the Google Plus community, #etmooc on twitter ( where one can find links 2 recording archives.

The potential sharing is limitless. With friends in person or cyber buddies. Even looking through the introductions and the various software programs that participants used to create their introductions was a learning experience for me.

I've been motivated to blog more regularly and am currently using a blogger app...and my android's voice to text feature.. So apologies if there are some spelling errors or repeated words.

Man, this is going to be fun.

Next time I'll add pictures.