Entering 2013 - or where my head is at.

Starting off 2013 

I've had an incredibly sad start to the new year 2013 - losing my beloved mini-schnauzer Octavian - too young and suddenly to an aggressive blood cancer on Jan. 7. He shared two homes - making both me and my parents' his castle.
He was supposed to come back to us on Jan. 25 to stay for the winter. 
Sadly, he will not.
Octavian Reinsalu July 7, 2000 - January 7, 2013
He's been my best buddy, supporter and of course, listener as I made the transition from journalist to educator a decade ago. He's been part of so many milestones. It feels weird to be motivated to learn, motivated to do anything actually. 
But here I start the MOOC without him sitting by me and my husband's side as we both tinker on the computer.

#etmooc  - it's the Massive Open Online Course regarding educational technology and media.

I am interested in learning - always - and during this time of grief, I hope that I retain the information and incorporate it into my best practices. I think learning, reflecting and writing is quite therapeutic and helpful. Photography helps too. But I'm sad to realize that my favourite subject won't be posing for me again. 

Time moves on and that is difficult.

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