Change / MOOC / Through My Lens (exhibit change)

Just registered for my first Massive Open Online Course - or MOOC, if I've got the acronym correct.

It's very exciting as I love learning, discovering and reflecting. I heard Steven Downes, one of the moderators of the course, speak at ECOO two years ago. Details of the talk have been forgotten but the overall learning and ideas have been absorbed.

It starts on the week of Sept. 12.

To register go to: http://change.mooc.ca/index.html

Then there's the link to the weekly schedule for this Sept - May online experiential learning.
Change curriculum here.


Not AS massive, I've also started the Through My Lens collaborative on-line photography collective today. Run by Exhibit Change, this on-line exhibit runs nine days, from Sept. 7 - Sept. 16. Each day I receive an e-mail about a theme to photograph. Today was What is green?
One photo with a brief description is uploaded to either flickr, facebook or e-mailed to the organization. The coup de gras (sp?) is during Toronto's Nuit Blanche, with a photography exhibition.

Flickr Through My Lens page here.

My first photo: We are green? (uncropped)

Super cool and great learning process. It IS a great way at looking at the world through a different or changed perspective. :)

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